AO Smith Z9 Hot+ Normal RO Water Saving Water Purifier

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AO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO Water Saving Water Purifier

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AO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO Water Saving Water Purifier

AO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO |10 L|100%RO+SCMT(Silver Charged Membrane Tech.)|Mineraliser Tech.| Water saving| suitable for  more than 200 TDS

  • Colour: Black; Power: 60 watts; Input Water Temperature: 5°C to 45°C; Operative Input VOLTAGE: 150 ~300V AC, 50 Hz; Material Tank Type : Virgin food -grade ABS. Child Lock : Yes
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000ppm
  • 36.9 cms (Length)x 32.6 cms (Width) x 48.2 cms (Height)
  • 1-Year* Comprehensive Warranty which includes all filters and RO Membrane (*Input Water should have TDS
  • Water Purifier, Manual, Mounting Accessories , Tube & Connectors
  • 8-stage RO +SCMT. For baby-safe water. 8S TECHNOLOGY: Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon block + ART (Advance Recovery Technology) + Patented Side Stream RO Membrane + MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter* (Silver Activated Post Carbon block + SCMT). In A. O. Smith Z9 RO Water Purifier 100% of the water passes through the RO Membrane and Double Purified by SCMT.
  • Save 9000 liters of water per year with ART (ADVANCE RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY) Breakthrough Advance Recovery Technology gives true water recovery > 55%*, while ensuring 100% RO purification
  • MIN-TECH (MINERALISER TECHNOLOGY) adds essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium back into the water. This ensures that the water tastes fresh and natural and has balanced pH – an essential requirement for drinking water.
  • HOT WATER AT A PRESS OF BUTTON Only RO in India that gives you purified hot water with added minerals at two temperature choices of 45°C and 80°C, which can be used to make quick cup of tea, preparing baby food, soaking cereals, soothing sore throat, etc.

8 reviews for AO Smith Z9 Hot+ Normal RO Water Saving Water Purifier

  1. Sreenith

    Went through a lot of reviews before I decided on this Z9 model vs Z8 of the same brand. Along with other brands. My primary requirement was a good, reputed and reliable purifier which would last long enough, say 3 to 5 years.
    Let’s get into the Pros and Cons
    1. Has both cold and hot water option
    2. Looks good
    3. Has a 10 ltr capacity which is required
    4. Installation was quick and good. ( heard a lot of negative feedback here but was really good for me). Customer care was good and Installation happened same day.
    5. Minralized water and water wastage is less
    6. Power consumption is low for normal water.
    Now for the cons
    1. The water tank only start refill process after the water level reaches 50% of capacity. Now why is that bad, read on.
    2. The hot water function only works when the tank is full!!!! Why, I mean..why would you do that.
    3. Effectivly means that if you drink say 500 ml or 1 ltr and want hot water, the dispenser will give u an error. You have to wait for the 4 ltrs to get over… seriously!!
    4. No manual option to dispense water if your electricity goes.
    Everything else seems to be working well for now. Filter change happens after 7k ltrs so should be fine. Has sensor which tells you that, which is a good thing.
    Overall an ok product.. minus the stupidity of this full tank concept for hot water.

  2. Dhirendra Kumar

    Ao Smith Z9 is delivered but not installed and also damaged so I wish to return this purifier


    well to begin my review i would say that this product stands upto its expectations and as well the company name stands upto it have been using AO Smith products for a very long time so decided to go with the water purifier of the same company as well ..
    Now coming to talk about the actual product itself
    well it serves the purpose of the water purifier and a water heater for pure drinking water straight out of the filter no need to boil it .
    The water purifier has a built in heater of 1 Ltr capacity which can heat water for two different Temp that are 45 and 80 using the heating function button built in ..
    Checking the water with my TDS Meter on my tap the water TDS is around 105 which is quite unhealthy for drinking but after installing the water purifier the TDS has come down to around 15 which is tremendous improvement in water quality and taste of the water ..
    Now talking about the delivery of the product which was done by amazon right on time and in a great manner no part was broken or missing and was completely sealed and also the installation was completed right on time after sales support is great for AO Smith and not to mention the seller for the same was very understanding and helpful in every manner possible …
    Talking about the Pros and Cons of the product now :-

    1. Great for water purification
    2. Great for water Heating
    3.Study Build
    4. Looks Elegant
    5. works like a charm
    6. AO Smith app works like a charm
    7. Has an option to hang on the wall or make it stand on counter top ( Mine is on the counter top)

    1. Will only dispense water if you have power in case of power shortage will not works (Works on inverter without much load )
    2. Water Heating function will only work when the tank is full
    3.Water Heater built in Gyser should have been little larger
    4.when it came filters were wrongly installed but AO Smith engineer was great who re arranged them immediately .

    Note :- U will have to install a pressure switch costing around Rs 450 if u live in a area where u get high pressure for better purification that will be done by the AO Smith Engineer (Pic Attached)

  4. Nayan Patel

    Please don’t buy any a O smith product, they have sale and go policy. I purchased z9 purifier but at the time of installation no one came and now it shows filter replacement
    indication still they are not coming.
    Every six month we need to change filter which cost more than 5000,even warranty period they r not replace part.
    Be careful while purchasing any product of AO SMITH.

  5. SS

    Faulty unit received, sent back.
    If you’re residing in Metropolitan Cities of India, RO water purifiers are not required, it’s an over engineered product..RO wastes lot of water, which we can ill afford…simple UV water purifier with no water storage in it is more than enough & adequate for pure & safe drinking water.
    Secondly if your RO water purifier is not fitted exactly above the kitchen / water sink it may increase your unnecessary work load as the working platform under it becomes messy during its continuous water drainage process and also during emptying of it’s water tank, which on an average needs to be done twice a month.

  6. Amazon Customer

    AO Smith has recurring hidden cost which I have experienced right from the day of installation. Technician had asked me to pay Rs.390 for balancing the water. I have been using Aquaguard here for last 7 years but none of time this was asked for balancing the water. Its’ open looot!!! Do not recommend at all

  7. Amazon Customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have purchased the AO Smith Z9 10-Litre Green RO Series Water Purifier, it is always under repair, started problem from day second after installation almost it repaired 4 to 5 times until now. The technician who is coming for servicing is familiar and got to know one interesting thing, he mentioned like if you purchase these product from online always cause problem due to inefficient quality, it meant that online delivers low quality product. I think it is not fair to deliver low quality product to the customer.

    I would be grateful if you would taken back this product now.

  8. Pradeep N Kumar

    Calling and following up with AOSmith installation team but as of 8-dec 1:15 pm not installed. Customer rep allotted to us did not take calls last week. Today i had to call main cust care requesting to allot a guy at 9:30 am. And again another day wasted as he is yet to come and have to keep on calling.

    This is not product review but the first step of installation and is already is a nightmare. Wish i had gone for other brand.

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